All Hail One Piece! The King of Shonen?

by Abdel Gemoh

Auth: Abdel G.

Make way peasants and other shows that have never seen top 5 on Shonen Jump, today we give way to the king of all Shonen, or is it? One Piece sits comfortably at the top of the trash heap as the centre of all that is trash and bad in the anime world, and many fans don’t even know that the show itself is 23 years old, yeah I know right?! Yet how is it that a show this old has managed to remain steadfast and a continuous presence in the world of anime to the point where it doesn’t lose fans, but gain and gain and guess what? Gain some more, wanna become a fan or at least know why you are? Well then let's jump right in and get started shall we? 

When One Piece first appeared in Shonen Jump in 1997 it wasted no time in steam rolling its way to the top of the food chain it enjoyed immediate success where it even humbled the almighty Goku and topped Dragon Ball Z, it didn’t take long for it to become part of what anime fans refer to as the Shonen Big 3, featuring alongside Bleach and Naruto in the early 2000’s, but sure yeah it started of big and did the big things that we expect hit anime to do, but still that doesn’t attest for why the show has stood tall and strong for so long, and one thing long time anime viewers are aware of is the infamous reputation Shonen has for prolonging anime, it’s so tough to get unto it to begin with as if a smanga appears on it and doesn’t get popular immediately then it’s cancelled in a heartbeat and if it does get popular then the show is prolonged and milked to the bone until it loses its popularity, something Bleach and Death Note can bare witness to, yet lucky enough Eichiro Oda the author of One Piece designed One Piece to be a long running anime, did he design it to be 23 years and ongoing beats me, but he always planned for it to be long he had a goal on how the show would end and has worked towards it step by step and lucky enough he hasn’t missed a step along the way.

One Piece’s longevity has led to many animes picking up traits from it especially its goal settings, Naruto did the same thing hence it went out on the high that it did as well and showed why anime like Bleach lost steam due to the fact that we just ended up in a cycle of fights, fights and more fights, even so you can set a goal and still lose traction on your way to it or even lose traction because fans aren’t interested in it, but the thing is One Piece has done neither rather it has set a goal in which the world it revolves around including its audience have been sucked in on the hunt to find out what it is, no seriously it’s been 23 years and we still have nothing, 0, zilch, nada, absolutely no clue on what the One Piece actually is and here’s the thing, we’re dying to find out what it is, but  the catch is, we don’t mind, because Oda has set sub goals in between  in the form of different arcs and each arc has been nothing short of spectacular if Luffy isn’t unlocking a new gear, the Zoro is off solving his life problems, One Piece really does a lot to bring its characters and world to life, heck my favourite character in One Piece is a villain and a darn good one if I must say so myself I mean Donquixote Doflamingo has the best fashion sense i’ve ever seen in my life, and i’m not even exaggerating plus lets not forget about his arsenal of moves at his disposal...okay I got carried away but legit Flamingo is a character you have to see to believe what I’m saying.

The One Piece worldbuilding is truly second to none, as the structures in place both society wise and political wise simply make sense, Oda doesn’t shy away from making sure there’s a balance in this world filled with pirates there must be a sense of law and order and it’s with those tiny intricate details that One Piece has managed to stay afloat all these years and not only afloat but simply dominate, I mean with 450 million copies sold worldwide and oh did you know that the highest selling comic of all time is Batman and it has sold 474 million copies and it has 16000 chapters released since 1939 while one piece has only amassed 1000 chapters in 23 years and yet its not even halfway done and you feel it’s only a matter of time before it truly sits on the top of not only the trash heap of anime but also at the top of the entire anime world, yeah witness the king of all trash ascend beyond the border of Otaku and sit upon the top of the comic world, it’s happening baby anime is going to be mainstream and our toxicity will finally be justified!

Well then I hope you enjoyed that history lesson as we took you on a trip to learn more about the almighty One Piece, and as always if you enjoyed this read let us know what you think about One Piece, is it as good as it’s made out to be or is it 23 years worth of just hype and if you didn’t like this article well just go buy our One Piece Merch as an apology to yourself for wasting so much time reading and a s always stay chilled fellow weebs and hopefully one day we can finally talk about what the heck is the One Piece.


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