Attack on Titan is the undisputed king of Dark Anime.

by Abdel Gemoh

I remember it was 2013, boy does time fly past, Rodman played basketball with Kim Jon-un, the Harlem shake became a thing and prior to that Crunchyroll was announced, Psycho Pass was rounding up oh and Attack on Titan was announced alongside SAO and looking back on all that right now it’s amazing, that Sword Art Online is still big, I swear, I said it would’ve died in 2015, I legit gambl - *cough*, but nothing would’ve prepared me 9 years later for the final season of Attack on Titans season 4.

Attack on Titan has without a doubt gone where no anime has gone before, blurring the line between spectacle and tragedy with every episode and completely shattered the barrier between good and evil with each season, becoming the current centerpiece for mainstream anime and how fitting indeed, like we said in our previous article Shingeki no Kyojin and Sword Art Online were the gateway and founding fathers of streaming anime for watchers back at the dawn of stream, it’s such a wonderful romance to see how when anime has finally become mainstream AoT gets the chance to stand at the top of it in its final season and not only that AoT has even gone as far as becoming the highest rated TV series on imDB something held by the likes of Game of Thrones and Big Bang, but what is that makes this show, so good.

Attack on Titan knows how to tell a story, that’s just it, the story seems linear at the start, with a main character, who has a linear mindset and yes a linear goal, he gets a power up which is cliche but with that mystery is born and questions arise and that was a theme for 3 seasons, we had questions, one would  get answered but 3 more would take its place, but the thing is we didn’t mind, but it didn’t take long for us go from a linear plot to a vast throbbing world of mystery and questions, and a cast filled with amazing characters, I mean any cast with Erwin Smith in it is going to be fire no matter what. Even the main character goes through one of the most powerful and amazing developments ever told in a story, but that doesn’t go for the cast, each supporting character is different and impactful each in their own way and that is what makes this so show so spectacular, animation is so good, but if It had 1998 artwork i’d watch this ten times over just for the story.

It’s funny to think this came out around the same time as SAO and though both accomplished great feats well one more then the other, AoT has to undoubtedly be the best out of the two, Naruto had some great world building, Demon Slayer(though still ongoing) had a internet breaking episode 19, but in reality Attack on Titan is without a doubt a masterpiece, ever since part 2 of season 3 it has been nothing but a rollercoaster ride and being avid readers of the manga, trust when we say this trip is going nowhere else but up, all hail the Godfather of modern day anime and the current King of TV series, long may he reign, all hail AoT.

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