Dragon Ball Z: Father of Modern Day Anime

by Abdel Gemoh

Dragon Ball Z: Father of Modern Day Anime or Overhyped?

Anime, a robust and growing infestation, I mean culture that has since taken over the world, with genres that would be considered mind blowing and downright taboo but to the average weeb, these are simply basic requirements whereas anything short of this would be considered a bad show, but when did this form of media entertainment swoop the world and become a staple for modern day entertainment, who do we blame!? Well rally up your pitchforks parents and fellow otakus who think “Naruto is the only anime to have ever been released” and let’s take a trip all the way to 1986 when the world would forever be turned upside down as a man named Akira Toriyama would create a show that would become the bedrock for anime a bedrock called Dragon Ball.

When Dragon ball Z debuted 5 years after the original Dragon Ball run it didn’t see immediate success but rather it had poor ratings and even seen as a flop of a show due to the fact that in the 90’s anime wasn’t really viewed as ,well, anime, it was either referred to as a show for kids (Pokemon) or if it was too violent it was viewed as a show for adults (Akira), but the was no mediator to bridge the gap between the two and the only people who even watched these were Otakus who were in their absolute minorities as anime was of course a really obscure form of media, but literally weeks later when the Frieza Arc was introduced, Dragon Ball Z immediately rebounded and the show immediately would blow open the borders and limitations of anime as it would not take long for it to become an international success soon after.

Dragon Ball enjoyed so much success from the late 90’s towards the early 2000’s and it was without a doubt that it would leave its mark on modern day anime, shows like Naruto and Bleach where evident of this from multiple factors, one of them being deaths, for years we had seen characters dodge and avoid death even in comics but dragon ball first introduced deaths in the Saiyan arc where Goku, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Chiatzou would all meet deaths and not pretty i’ll tell you, and this rubbed of to other mediums where shows like Naruto weren’t afraid to kill important characters, DBZ also introduced one of modern animes biggest problems as well, the escalation plot where characters keep getting absurdly strong but we don’t mind as long as we get more transformations with more horrible hair styles yeah i’m looking at you Super Saiyan 3, I mean look at it like sweet lord the man looks like a character from Sonic. Apart from that, tiny details like prolonged fights and massive cliffhangers became the norm in these anime and from the late 2000’ till now it is evident that so much of the modern day anime has taken its roots or atleast a vine from Dragon Ball Z.

“but we don’t mind as long as we get more transformations with more horrible hair styles yeah i’m looking at you Super Saiyan 3, I mean look at it like sweet lord the man looks like a character from Sonic.”


Though Dragon Ball Z started a revolution and reshaped anime, there was no argument that the story became linear and too repetitive, many wonder what would have happened if Gohan hadn’t become the legendary flop of all anime and actually took up the mantle, perhaps DBZ might have had a more dynamic plot and perhaps we wouldn’t have gotten the catastrophe that was Dragon Ball GT, even though Super Saiyan Monkey Man looked kinda cool, DBZ rather took a different approach as the revolutionist that it is and decided to stick with its main character  throughout these 30 years proving how audacious it can be and really no one’s getting tired, and in 2015 when Dragon Ball Super was announced loyal fans and new spectators gathered to witnessed our boy go one step further proving that there’s no limit to how far he can go, plus we got to see Frieza again Frieza!! Yet 32 years and going Dragon Ball continues to soar higher and higher and although it’s not in the big 5 shonen anymore it still maintains a relatively daunting atmosphere in the world of anime and rightly so.

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Done by: Abdel Gemoh.


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