Dragoon Pass...

by Robert Miles

Hello fellow duelists and Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiasts, and welcome to another one of our blogs. Our blog today is gonna be catered to one specific card that is so feared, so terrifying and rampant, that I can actually write an entire blog about it. This card is Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon.

Now as we know, Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon arrived in the 2020 Mega-tins. It is an extremely powerful card. It is a level 8, Dark, Spellcaster type fusion effect monster. Its effect allows you to have an omni negate and destroy, so long as you have a card in your hand to discard for it, only once per turn, and it gains 1000 attack if it does. It also has the ability to destroy an opponent's monster and inflict damage equal to that monster's attack points, and not to mention, it can be as many times as the amount of normal monsters used for its fusion summon. Then, on top of all of this, it also cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects. This is singularly one of the most broken boss monsters Yugioh has had in the game so far, in my opinion.

The thing that also makes this card so good, is Red-Eyes Fusion, which allows you to use the monsters in your deck to summon it. Also, the fact that you only need Dark Magician and either Red-Eyes Black Dragon or any other Dragon type monster, it makes it a Foolish Burial for dragons. As if it wasn't easy enough to summon, we now also have Predaplant Verte Anaconda, which allows you to copy a fusion spell's effect from deck, and Verte only takes 2 monsters to summon it.

Since this card is so terrifying and almost unstoppable, we need to find way to stop it. So I am here to help you guys with some ideas.

First off, let us try to prevent that thing from entering the battle field. Normally, you can use Ash Blossom & Joyous Springs to stop the activation of Red-Eyes Fusion, which could stop them from getting it out. However, you cannot use Ash on Predaplant Verte Anaconda, instead, you would have to use Effect Veiler or Infinite Impermanence. This is if you are going second, of course, or it is not your turn and you need to stop it. However, there are a Miriad of other traps and some archetypal monsters that have negates for those cards as well. So as long as you have a Spell or Monster negate, you can stop it. Another interesting tech that can be used is Dimensional Barrier, which not only would prevent it from hitting the field, but it could also negate it if it is already on the field, leaving it vulnerable to destruction and targeting.

This leads us into how would you stop it if it was already staring you down in the face and tickling your life points. You can attempt to destroy it by battle, which could be quite difficult considering it's at 3000 attack and will gain more if it negates. But there are monsters like Mekk-Knight Crusader Avramax and Borrelsword, which could be really good monsters to beat over it, and for Avramax, even if it gets negated and destroyed, you can still shuffle Dragoons back. If you want other types of removal, Kaijus would probably be your best option, an easy way to get rid of the monster, or you could use Forbidden Droplets or Triple Tactical Talents to deal with it. Superpolymerization is also a really good card to out it with, and since it's a dark attribute, it makes it a bit easier to have a fusion target for it. However, some main deck outs are really tough to draw into, so what else could we use in the extra deck that could be relatively easy to summon that can out it? Well, I have thought up two monsters that are really powerful outs to it. We have Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior. Non-targeting sending to the graveyard is a really good way to out. Or, if you would like to acquire your own Dragoons, and if it is easy to summon, you can get out a Borreload Dragon and just borrow his Dragoons. Give your opponent a little bit of payback.

There are also other odd and gimmicky ways to out it, like you can Called by the Grave a Dragoon that's already in the grave. There is Dark Ruler No More, that can outright negate its effects. Dinos can out it easily just by flipping it face down and going to town with Ultimate Conducter Tyranno. If flipping it face down makes it vulnerable, then you could also use Swords of Concealing Light or Book of Eclipse. There is also a card called Herald of the Abyss, that can force your opponent to send it to the grave. If you have your own Dragoons, you could use Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries.

Yes, there are a lot of cards that can out it, but it is a very powerful card to get over and most likely it will be backed up by more than just itself. Which leads us to wonder what its fate will be on the banlist to come.

So what are your crazy Dragoon stories? What are your Crazy Techs to out it? What fate do you think the banlist should hold for this terrifying Spellcaster?