Embracing Your Geekiness, The Blog Version

by John Lee

July's celebrations are many, but not all of them are nerdy except for Nikola Tesla's birthday on the tenth, the release date of the Audio Drama of Neil Gaiman's Sandman via Audible on the 15th, and of course July thirteenth 'World Embracing Your Geekiness Day'. So for seven days unleash your real self, embrace your geeky interests, and reward yourself with merch you have been desiring for months on end, you deserve it.

I believe the mainstream trend of 'nerdy is the new sexy' began in and since 2007, it started with a bang, pun intended. Obviously YouTube channels like the 'The Guild', featuring Felicia Day, were marketing nerd culture too. Coincidentally, The Guild began airing in 2007 just as The Big Bang Theory also had. Obviously nerd popularity in South African culture was a bit delayed too, at least according to and from my personal life experience. 

Anyway, Geek Pride Day began as an initiative to promote geek culture, since then it has been consistently celebrated annually on May 25. This initiative, believe-it-or-not, originated in Spain in 2006. Very underground. Totes. 

In addition to the current promotion we at HGC are conducting, here is further insight into what it is all about.

From this precedent eventually 'Embracing Your Geekiness Day', an offshoot, sprouted as another excuse to have more in-store celebrations. Obviously this year, in-store gatherings whilst appreciated, may not be safe unless everyone cosplays as Gothic Plague Doctors.   
So Behold!!!!  A Competition Of Which You Can Win From Home As Follows! To qualify to compete in this online store and in-store competition you must...

1. Follow us and share our Instagram, Facebook, and other social media posts about this competition. 
2. Become a regular enough to have a loyalty rewards membership or an online order account
3. Get the word out there peeps with photographic posing and text or video with captions! (Your enthusiasm about your shrine of merch and hobby tools must be clearly evident.)
4. Purchase any item priced more than R50 from either our online store or our physical stores for Embracing Your Geekiness Week. Keep and save your order numbers/sale IDs.
5. Include the hashtag #WinWithHGC, your order number, and make sure to tag us and your friends! 
The more items you buy and share along with your most enthusiasm, the better your chances of winning!

Initially Written by Michael P. Garzola, Ghostwritten by Other Staff


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