​Moon Landing Fifty First Anniversary

by John Lee

Whether you believe Apollo 11's success actually happened or that it was a hoax or that since Apollo 17's final departure from the moon of December 19th, 1972 had unofficially (secretly) begun developing and manning a moon base forty seven years ago, it has been fifty one years since the official first moon landing and fifty nine years since the Russians sent Yuri A. Gagarin into space, April 12th 1961, via the Vostok spacecraft. 

So humour us, imagine at least that humanity actually managed to do all those events and these happened in a coherently inclusive sense, for example, the moon landing happened, also a pretapped convincing video and radio transmissions were made just in case Apollo 11 didn't succeed directed by Stanley Kubrick, and that secretly the moon base personnel managed to convert the moon into an actual satellite and perhaps humanity has diplomatically encountered and interviewed aliens on the moon and have been working together very much like the Men In Black animated series. Even if that isn't true or real, perhaps it should have happened and humanity is actually something to be proud about.

Anyway, President John F. Kennedy had a dream, that dream became a speech in 1961, a couple years before his assassination. (Ideally I would have preferred that he faked his death to be first President in space, essentially like the fictional President Thomas Whitmore of the Independence Day movies, thus needing to train to become an astronaut and command the moon base like Nick Fury, aaaaaaaaah, how entertaining that would have been instead, however mundanity can be so boring, disappointing, and tragic.) President Kennedy's speech inspired his countrymen and motivated the rivals of the United STATES of America to rechannel their passions for war into the sport of the space race, which in essence is to conquer the moon, space, and industrial business. A healthy alternative to war. One could say the Cold War could distract all on earth from discovering the development and manning of a S.H.I.E.L.D. moon base overhead. 

As you may have noticed from the above mentioned I am very bored of Humanity Divided, a Humanity United would be more fun, satisfactory, and perhaps less stressful than what we currently have. Like can this Plague end already. 
As for reading material of which Heroes of Games & Comics may have to enforce your optimism and heroic nature here are my recommendations of relevant graphic literature examples:

1. Amazing Spider-Man #1 1963, featuring the astronaut John Jonah Jameson the Third

2. Man-Wolf in, Marvel Premiere #45, astronaut JJJ3 discovers the Godstone.

3. Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four #1, #13, #98, The Space Race is depicted in the first two issues and the Fantastic Four actually help Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin accomplish their moon landing. 

4. (Not that the moon is important in Darkseid War, but Doctor Manhattan does make his sort of first appearance in the DC Multiverse on Earth Zero's Moon which he destroys Owl Man and Metron and accidentally feeds the Moebius Chair his power which eventually deifies Wally West observed in Flash Forward)

5. Jane Foster becomes The Mighty Thor on the moon.
Luthor/Spaceboy of the Umbrella Academy defended the Earth from the moon against Martian Apes. Luthor lives on the moon in the Netflix show too.

6. Whilst Batman's Watchtower isn't usually on the Earth, it does orbit the Earth like a giant satellite.

7. Saitama briefly visits the moon in One Punch Man. 
Uatu the Watcher watches Earth from the moon, when he's not dead. #OriginalSin 

8. Guardians of the Galaxy (the original team, with Starhawk, the team distant future) shows Earth has conquered and colonised the entirety solar system

9. In the world Gundam, a large space station colonies orbiting the Earth and have cities on the moon. That's just the beginning for what other place other than Earth has inhabitation. 

10. Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita have colonies on Venus, Mars, and Jupiter and a former Mercury one, the space race there was quite ambitious and like Altered Carbon cultures diversified quite exotically.

11. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has a colonised solar system too, coincidentally HGC does stock Call of Duty comic books.

12. The Halo Universe may have more fascinating than the Call of Duty comics

13. Star Trek amusingly has so many developed settlements on Earth's moon that you can literally notice some of them clear enough whilst still on Earth. 

14. 2001: A Space Odyssey shows us the enigmatically powerful Monolith discovered and exhumed from the moon itself. I haven't noticed a graphic novel of this, but it is possible. Ad Astra also takes place on the moon.

15. Otsutsuki clan from the Naruto Shippuden & Boruto series are moon dwelling ninja.

That's All Folks!

Written by Michael P. Garzola


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