My Hero Academia The Missing Piece?

by Abdel Gemoh

Auth: Abdel G.

I remember in mid 2016 when I was mindlessly going through the trash bin of anime looking for something interesting to watch, I had just finished watching the fan favourite Boku no Pico and I was left with this gaping hole in my chest, what do I watch? Oh what do I watch and there it was in front of me a show that had received tons of praises and high ratings, I was skeptical at first, to me it seemed as though it was another good anime, but nothing that would become “mainstream” in the world of anime, boy... did I eat my words.

My Hero Academia, first aired in 2016, although the manga debuted in 2014 it wasn’t viewed as the it manga at the time, but it was regarded good enough to get an adaptation, the show surfaced in a time where isekai anime where sprouting left, right and centre to the point that the WWII baby boom looked like an absolute joke compared to it, oh you think i’m exaggerating, well then let’s not forget there’s an anime called, The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Vending Machine and Now I wonder the dungeon oh I’m just overreacting? Okay then how about, I was Reincarnated as a Hot Spring in an alternate world and i’m way to effective, am I complaining absolutely no, I bathed in trash of isekai and I would again, but My Hero brought something to the table it was as though someone reached into the bottom of a bin and placed its contents on the table next to you and of course you can’t help but notice its eerie presence, it was the beginning of a new era.

When My Hero first dropped, it didn’t set the world on fire, wait! Put down your pitchforks and listen to reason, yes at the start we were drawn in by this intriguing world of heroes and Quirks but it always felt like it lacked that oomph, sure Midoriya could be seen as a likeable lead character but the entire anime community despised this man, I mean I would take the blond cat boy from that show Naruto over Midoriya any day of the week, I mean don’t get me wrong he’s funny and all but his plotline always felt linear right, from the start, but later on as we made our way through the show, My Hero showed its true colours as it blew my mind wide open, I ended up getting attached to way too many characters and you know what, I don’t mind, My Hero does something special here, no character is left to rot in the background and have their potential wasted, yeah i’m looking at you DBZ, you can’t hide what you did to Gohan, it was with that that I ended up rooting for characters like Kirishma and Tokoyami, but we all know which arc will definitely be the best arc, the Minetta arc, definitely, you can’t sleep on my boy for too long, just give him time and you’ll see that he’s just misunderstood.

“...but we all know which arc will definitely be the best arc, the Minetta arc, definitely, you can’t sleep on my boy for too long, just give him time and you’ll see that he’s just misunderstood.”

My Hero Academia seems to tick all the boxes and it rightfully should, the only issue is that it does not. Put down those Pitchforks for crying out loud, again hear me out on this, think of every single fight scene in My Hero, and look at other fights from other anime, Goku vs Frieza, Naruto vs Sasuke, Mikoto Suoh vs Reisi Munakata, Levi vs the Beast Titan, all those fights would bring you to the edge of your seat, with slick combat fluidity, tight last minute ability swaps and counters, the flights always carried meat like a good skopo in Jozi, but in My Hero that’s not the case, none of that is there, the only reason My Hero fights are good is simply because of one thing, the feels. That’s it that's the summary of My Hero Academia fights, you’ve been drawn into the fight and are blown away by the story that encaptures it but imagine having to show your friend the same scene so you can try and get him into it, well? Exactly it won’t make sense to him as opposed to me showing him a fight scene from Sword of a Stranger, he’ll lose his mind almost instantly, look i’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but when you consider all this don’t lose your marbles when you never see My Hero in the top 100 for anime fights heck even top 500, now you can raise the pitchforks.

My Hero Academia has without doubt though taken anime to new heights, it has managed to take advantage of today's modern production tech and combined it with actual good story, the fact that the fights revolve around feels and not just classic animation is a testament to the quality of the show, and combine that with amazing OST’s that just get your feels all worked up it just goes to show how much this show is capable of, is it the missing piece needed to make anime mainstream, only time will tell, but there is no doubt that My Hero has helped turn a page in anime and showed us that there are numerous other genres and ways to enjoy anime you just have to find it after watching a moral questioning harem.

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