The Anime That Made Anime Fans Toxic

by Abdel Gemoh

Auth: Abdel G.

It all started on a warm Saturday morning the birds chirped, the sun shined, the wind blew, it seemed as though it was going to be another beautiful day a day in which I would just, well live, but no, not this day, this would be the day when the source of all my toxicity would sprout it was on that day back in 2014 where my life would forever be stained by the toxicity that is…

During my early years as an Otaku I spent most of my time around mainstream waste you know, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Jik also known as bleach, one piece, e.t.c and for years i’d hear different suggestions from people and somehow, in some way someone would just say Jojo, jojo, oh yeah bro check out jojo, wanna watch something cool, well check out, yeah you guessed it, Jojo and although i’d hear it ring in my ears I only actually picked up the anime years later when I stumbled on Stardust Crusade while browsing my good old pal country roll, real talk they should sponsor I mean i’ve been low key advertising them, anyways… when I did stumble upon it I was immediately blown away by it, sure it starts off with a 17 year old Jotaro Kujo in a jail cell, great example for youth, but what caught me was how  I was immediately taken back by the characters and their uniqueness, each character just pouring something valuable that has you falling in love with the whole cast from the get go, the artwork behind it to was telling as it took inspiration from movie characters in the 90’s and late 80’s in terms of how their main characters were always so jacked up, I mean think about it, every single action movie from back then just had main actors/heroes so big they looked like they consumed the national supply of USN.

Yet even if you had to take away the huge muscles and amazing cast Jojo would still have enough gas in the tank to make it a banger of a show, no really it’s that good, am I blowing its horn, hell yeah I am, Jojo packs enough richness and content to simply make it a banger every episode of the week, it packs so much humour and comedy in it, you’d swear it wasn’t an action or thriller anime, but yet it still manages to pack that in every episode, you can go from laughter to edge of your seat tension in a heartbeat and not know how that transition occurred because you’’ get so caught up in how seamless the flow actually is. 

You know I just realised I spent all this time talking about the contents and tags associated with the show that i’ve failed to bring up the thing that kept me watching all the generations of Jojo and there’s 8 if you’re wondering but the reason one keeps coming to each generation is simply for one reason and that’s the story, Jojo follows a story built around its family’s bloodline as they face an evil bent on ending the Jojo bloodline and each generation manages to defeat it yet it gets stronger for the next and though simplistic as it seems the dynamics that surround this plot is what truly tells it apart from regular plots along the same line oh and let’s no forget the action, you can have good story but if you don’t have the sauce then I mean, okay that was week but still let my man Jotaro give you an example of that action I be telling you about.

So I was trying to tell you about how toxic this show is and why it’s the reason for mine, well the whole anime communities’ cringe jokes but instead I ended up spending all this time giving you reasons on why it’s a 10/10 anime and why you aren’t an Otaku if you haven’t watched it yet I mean my word it’s 2020 what’s taking you so long!? Jokes aside though if I have to recommend an anime to you, this would be it, the crown Jewel of anime, basking numerous awards and anime nominations, it truly has solidified a place in the world of toxicity and anime and hopefully in time it will end up being in your top 1 anime, yeah that wasn’t a typo if you haven’t watched Jojo then it’s better than all the anime you watch.

Oh and before you return to your everyday life and binge on whatever anime you planned on watching or you’ve been converted and are now but of the Jojo meme hell circle then I highly recommend checking out our Jojo merch, yes its a sales pitch ladies and gentleman step right up and buy all you can! Yet we thank you once more for reading this blog and hope you enjoyed and look forward to your opinions on whether Jojo is as toxic as the anime community claims it to be.


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