Toon up the Chaos

by John Lee

Hello Duelists, and welcome to world of toons and chaos as we reveal this new set which gives you hints of what it has just from the name.

First of all, for all you Pegasus fans out there from the original series, there is a lot of support for your toon decks, including cards like Toon Black Luster soldier, which is one of the chase cards in the set and also Toon Bookmark. Then you also got Toon Terror, a very nice form of Negation for the archetype.

Next up for all you chaos fans, we have some more support for you guys, with cards like Dark Diabolos and Chaos Space and some reprint of your favorite old cards, like Chaos Emporor Dragon and Chaos Sorcerer that could even be a nice addition to some of you old Goat players out there.

There are a lot of really nice staples in here for you competitive players that bring out some reprints of some really powerful cards from way back when. Like Psy-Frame Gamma and Driver, which is a really good handtrap and also good synchro fodder. Also, there is the first reprint of Pot of Extravagance, a really powerful draw card in some of the top tier strategies that don't need their extra deck much or can even give rogue decks a good chance. However if you you are looking to keep your extra deck there is a reprint of Pot of Desires in here for some draw


Alone with this exciting there there is some more support for strategies such as; Fluffals and Infernobleknights. There are some also good nostalgia cards from the GX series, bringing back some heroes and you may find some nice fusion support.

The big chase cards in here however, even though I have mentioned some already that are already brilliant, are the new rarities that have arrived in this set. The new collectors rare are a marvel to behold and are really hard to find, but my oh my, are they shiny.

So if you want your chance to pull one of these beautiful bad boys, then definitely try your luck on this set.

Question is, are you ready to reign Chaos or Toon it up? You decide!


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