Was Tokyo Ghoul a Masterpiece?!

by Abdel Gemoh

When we started watching anime many moons ago, we had seen countless anime clothed in beauty but yet a deeper darker more tragic side underneath, from Berserk, Grave of Fireflies, Clannad, Anohana and FMA Brotherhood, yet despite seeing all that, truth is, we had never seen Tokyo Ghoul coming and come it did.

Tokyo is a tough anime to talk about because it’s an anime that can have breathtaking highs, but when the anime under-delivers it can show viewers a new type of rock bottom. The anime was pretty good, amazing OST’s, some off the best out there, beautiful visuals and an amazing context, so, let’s talk about the story, this is where I expect the tomatoes to come raining in, so remember when you were little and you tried to bake that really awesome cake following the instructions on a cooking-book and ended up forgetting half the ingredients or using the wrong ones and the cake looked like complete shit and shit was all over the kitchen and then your mother walked in and slapped you across the face? Whether or not you remember, if you can picture that scenario then you can picture how Studio Pierrot's attempt at adapting Tokyo Ghoul into an anime unfolded, but I mean it couldn’t have been that bad right? *One long awkward silence later* right? Wrong. When I said Tokyo Ghoul can show you how bad an anime can get, this is what I mean, Tokyo Ghoul when first released as a manga was the most popular manga out there at the time and you expected the studio director to just copy and paste, easy win but no they went through and did their own special show and many anime viewers were robbed of something special, the show had 0 character development outside of Kaneki and that was development was just, ayt, no bear with me, Kaneki ever only became interesting in the final 5minutes of season 1 and in season 2 we were just lost in this maze randomly watching his ordinary anime.

The lack of the anime having character development meant the show needed to have a stunning and spectacular plot in 12 episodes, did we get that? Nope. Here’s the plot Humans vs Ghouls, ghouls eat humans so technically ghouls are bad, well there’s more to it you’d expect in anime and thus I didn’t call this part dreadful, just poorly done. The plot tackles a great subject. Identity.

The characters are interesting and there is a variety varying in personality as well. I really liked all the characters(Yet Lord have mercy on that development). The most pretentious thing about Tokyo Ghoul are the attempts at emotionally moving the audience by having some characters we know nothing about die and seeing other characters feel sad while the soundtrack playing assures us that this is indeed meant to be an emotional scene...awkward.

Music wise, this anime sits at the top of the food pack, HO-MI-GAWT this anime can give you feels just by sitting there and listening to the OST heck, forget about watching it, just listen to the OST.

INn summary though Tokyo Ghoul takes more L’s the W’s because it’s just mainstream for some odd reason (*coughs*  *coughs Sword Art Online *coughs* *coughs*), Tokyo Ghoul is an amazing manga trust me, it really is, but as an anime I can’t see myself going back and rewatching this, unless I end up in a situation where I have to, who am I kidding I'm obviously gonna rewatch this for the 12th time tonight, oh and if you’re looking for Tokyo Ghoul or anime merch, head on down to our website we’re sure to have something for everybody.


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