Commander Legends Pre-release @ HGC Bedford 15/11/2020

by Kristen Bouwer

Date: 15/11/2020
Format: Sealed
Place: HGC Bedford Centre
Entry: R850
Registration: 10:00
Tournament start: 15:00

Each player will get 6 Commander Legends Boosters to Draft, and 2 Commander Legends will go into prize pool for each player that enters.
8 players
1st 8 boosters + 1 foil ZNR promo pack
2nd 4 boosters + 1 ZNR promo pack
3rd&4th 2 boosters + 1 core 21 Promo pack

Players will get promo packs only if not in the top four

Players break into pods of eight (or as close as possible) and each player drafts three Commander Legends Booster Packs. Players select two cards at a time, every pick of the draft.

When building their decks, players must select the legend or legends they are using as their Commander. Every player also has access to a special card they may use as their Commander:
Once players have selected their Commanders, they build a 60-card deck made of cards that match the Commander's color identity, determined by the mana symbols in the casting cost and ability costs of the Commander.

Unlike in other forms of Commander, players can draft and play as many copies of the same card as they want.

After decks are built, players break into multiplayer pods, and the battle begin
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