FNM in Store @ HGC Bedford 27/11/2020

by Kristen Bouwer

Date: Every Friday night

Format: Commander
Place: HGC Bedford Centre
Entry: 165
Tournament start: 18:15
Tournament End: 22:00

Each player will get a Commander Legends booster for entry and one Commander Legends booster will go into prize pool for every two players that enter.

16 Players 
1st - 4 Boosters + 1 foil & non foil zendikar rising promo pack
2nd - 2 boosters + 2 Zendikar Rising promo pack 
3rd & 4th - 1 Booster + 1 Zendikar Rising promo pac

6th onward will get promos and promo packs

Please don't forget to bring your own handsanitizer, and face masks are to be worn during the event.

Contact us at 0116152447 or speak to Kris